Planner Obsession – Top Free Mommy Planners for 2016

planner post 2

One of the most common New Years Resolutions for mothers is becoming more organized. A mommy planner is an ideal way for mothers to plan their daily, weekly, and monthly activities. While there are many planners available to buy, there are a surprising number of FREE planners readily available on the Internet. Some of these require becoming a member of a blog, while others are instantly downloadable. I absolutely love organization tools and I love getting anything for free. While searching for my own free 2016 planner, I reviewed several different planners and other organization tools that are available for free online. My favorites are listed and evaluated below.


green child – This is my absolute favorite planner for 2016 and is the planner I am personally using. This yearly planner includes calendars for 2016 and 2017. It includes cleaning schedules, weekly schedules, monthly schedules, meal planners, and to do lists. It also has an option of either a heart or leaf   multi-color border. It also has motivational sayings spread throughout the calendar. You must subscribe to the blog in order to download the calendar.













The Handmade Home – This is another solid yearly planner. There are three themes you can choose from: floral, lemon drop, and plaid. Motivational quotes are sprinkled throughout the calendar. Sections include Year at a Glance, Contacts, Goals, Monthly and Weekly Calendars, To Do List, Budget, Cleaning Schedule, Menu and Shopping List, Chore Charts, and Lesson Plan Format (useful for teachers or those who home school). These are directly downloadable but you have to individually select each page to print so its a little tedious.



design finch – This site has a myriad of weekly based planners including to do lists, menu planners, cleaning checklists, and blog planners in a variety of styles. Highly recommend checking this site out!



Creative Home Keeper – This site has an awesome meal planner but you must subscribe to the blog in order to download it. The meal planner is very comprehensive and consists of several tools including a kitchen measurement and substitution chart, master shopping list, recipe cards, freezer and pantry inventories, organization sheets for fridge and freezer, and holiday planning sheets.


Neat House. Sweet Home – This site has a nice weekly meal planner and shopping list. Its formatted very logically and has a nice color scheme.



Creative Home Keeper – This site has a nice monthly cleaning checklist. There is a blank sheet so you can fill out additional cleaning tasks in addition to the ones already listed.



psychowith6 – This is a nice productivity list that includes daily, weekly, and monthly sections. Nice for keeping priorities straight.

IDLIZED – This is a creatively formatted to do list and a nice change if you are bored with typical to do lists. This site also has a nice blog ideas/links worksheet.



frugality gal – This site has a nice password keeping list. Simple but effective.

password keeper








Wendaful – This site has adorable flagging stickers that you can use in your planner. You must subscribe for freebies but I highly recommend you do!


My Decorated Bliss – Another site with cute stickers for mommy organization. I love hearts and these are adorable. Directly downloadable.


Laughing and Losing It – This site has adorable hedgehog stickers to use with your mommy calendar.



















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