New Year’s Resolutions – List of 25 Resolutions Worthy of Keeping

It’s that time of year!! Time to make a promise to yourself to improve or better your life in some way. More often than not people come up with ridiculous resolutions that they can’t keep. One of the most common failed resolutions is the classic I’m going to go to the gym everyday and lose 25 pounds. Well, the following is a list of resolutions that you will find attainable and realistic. And to help you keep one of these resolutions, tomorrow I will be reviewing¬†numerous websites and phone apps that are available to help you stick to your plan.

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List of 25 Resolutions That You Can Really Keep

  1. Get more sleep


2. Cut out soda

diet coke

3. Weekly money saving challenge


4. Reduce negativity

5. Stop procrastinating

6. Meditate more or start if you don’t


7. Start a journal


8. Try a new hobby

9. Volunteer more

10. Read more books


11. Declutter

12. Drink or smoke less


13. Start juicing/detoxing


14. Drink more water


15. Read the bible daily


16. Decrease debt

17. Do a random act of kindness everyday


18. Become more organized


19. Stress less


20. Keep a gratitude list

21. Eat out less


22. Make new friends


23. Be more patient

24. Be more frugal

25. Love yourself more


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